Winter is typically a tough season to grow your painting business. You need a combination of digital marketing tools and offline marketing campaigns to get consistent painting projects on the books for your residential, commercial, or industrial painting clients.

Benefits of Special Offers

Special offers during winter are a smart marketing strategy for a number of reasons.

  • They provide incentive for your customers to take action.
  • The time limit on special offers creates a sense of urgency that is more likely to compel people to take action on your website or call you for an estimate.
  • They add value for your customers and improve the customer experience, which may lead to repeat business or additional projects added to their current project plan

You can create a special offer for new customers, to reward customer loyalty, or as a reward for referrals. Whatever you decide to try, it’s important to promote these offers across your marketing channels, and to measure their success.

Launch Online Promotions

If you are promoting a special offer as part of your online marketing strategy this winter, here’s what we suggest:

  • Use a modal so your website visitors are aware of the offer as soon as they arrive.
  • Mention your offer in your chat settings, so visitors have the option to opt in.
  • Create a form on your landing pages that people can easily submit to claim your special offer or request more information.
  • Share your special offer via email, and/or any social media platforms where you have active accounts.
  • Use and track click-to-call numbers, so you know which channel got the most calls on your special winter offer

The more opportunities people have to see your special offer, the more likely they’ll be to take advantage of it. If you need to start simply, choose the channels where you already know you have higher engagement rates, and focus on those.

Loop in Offline Efforts

People still utilize offline marketing tactics to do business with painters and contractors. Whether you decide to use:

  • Truck/van signage
  • Mailers
  • Billboards
  • Print Ads
  • Radio Ads

You can use unique phone numbers for any of these promotions. Tracking which leads call each number, and which number gets the most calls, is a clear-cut way to identify which type of offline marketing is least effective for you, and where you may want to focus your efforts instead.

Incorporate Content Marketing

When you are promoting a special offer to get more painting business this winter, be sure your content marketing is in line with your other efforts. This could include:

  • Creating valuable content around how painting services and expertise can better protect homes and businesses in the winter months, and promoting your offer as part of the solution
  • Mentioning your availability and flexibility for winter projects and painting maintenance in your social media copy.
  • Sharing promotional content leading up to or during the holiday season

Tying together content, digital marketing, and offline efforts means your schedule has the potential to fill up faster this winter. If you’re not sure where to start, request a free website audit from SearchPrimer. We’ll show you the best-performing areas, and recommend placement and copy for winter promotions to help you grow your painting business, no matter the season.