If you’re running a painting business, website issues may not be your primary concern. After all, you have painting projects to complete and customers to follow up with. But unless you get website conversions, that pool of customers will shrink over time. The more people take action on your website, the more likely you’ll develop stronger leads.


While every company is different, we’ve noticed low conversion rates can often be blamed on the same problems from site to site. If people aren’t clicking content, links, phone numbers, or action buttons on your painting company website, we suggest checking on these three areas to improve website performance.


If you’ve had a business website for a while, you probably haven’t thought much about the hosting platform. But the wrong hosting platform could be costing you conversions and customers with slow load times, site interruptions, and poor functionality. Here’s what we suggest:

  • If you need to host more than one website, make sure each one is client-controlled from a distinct account.
  • Your hosting and domain should be set to auto-renew to avoid interruptions. Once you confirm everything is on auto-renew, be sure the current payment information is loaded to avoid service disruption.
  • Look for hosting sites known for their speed. We can recommend Media Temple, Hyperlane, Fortrabbit, or ArcusTech.


We’ve mentioned the importance of mobile-ready painting websites before, and it bears repeating. If mobile-users can’t use your site easily, your conversion numbers will suffer. One of the quickest ways to get a clue about mobile site performance is to hop on your smartphone and browse your company website.

  • How well do pages load?
  • Can you see all the images and content?Is there a way for you to click-to-call (and does it work when you tap the link)?
  • How difficult is it to scroll through and navigate around the site?

If navigation is clumsy for you on a smartphone, your potential customers are noticing, too. And chances are, they’re not sticking around for long once they notice a problem.


Your website design doesn’t need to have lots of bells and whistles. Designing website for conversion answers this question: how can your website design make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you, request an estimate, or learn more about your painting services? Brainstorming this will lead to website changes that may include:

  • Updating your header so your logo is on every page
  • Adding “Call Now” copy to the top-right corner with a phone number people can tap or click to call you
  • Simplifying your navigation bar so it isn’t overcrowded with links or drop-down menus. Focus on the must-haves: Home, About, Services, Contact, and Portfolio, for example.
  • Cleaning up your footer into a three-column format that features (from left to right) important links, a blurb about your company, and your contact information. Underneath your company information, add a row for your copyright statement.

Any plans to fix your painting business shouldn’t be spur of the moment. You should have a clear sense of which site elements are helping (or hurting) your conversion rates before making any adjustments. Don’t start without a plan. Request a complimentary website audit from the SearchPrimer team and up your conversion game with confidence.