Here’s what you need to know as you build a site for your painting business and prepare for that website to launch. You can get more website conversions from the start by seeing how your site measures up against marketing and web development best practices. If your website is on a strong platform, is optimized for search, and includes a secure connection, more people will feel motivated to take action and schedule a painting project using your website. Here’s what we suggest doing to get more leads from your new painting business website from day one.

Be Confident in Your CMS

Your CMS (or Content Management System) is the platform you useĀ  to build your website and share it with the world. Just like hosting and design, choosing a CMS can make the difference between more and fewer website conversions. We recommend using a platform like Craft CMS. We’ve seen strong results with Craft in terms of page speed and load times.

You can check your speed using a page speed testing tool. Google offers a free page speed test that can give you some great insights into your website performance. Your score (0-100) shows you how quickly your pages load for desktop and mobile users. You also get recommendations for how to speed things up, which your developer can help you implement right away.

Pro Tip: Most speed issues have to do with clunky media formats like video backgrounds, image carousels, and super-sized images. Changes to image sizing, formatting, and presentation on your website could go a long way toward helping your pages load faster.

Use Available SEO Tools

You want your site to rank on Google, so be sure Google can see this. Loading Google Analytics, submitting pages to Google for indexing, and verifying everything in Google Search Console are great ways to do that. Optimizing for search is never wasted effort, and it goes hand-in-hand with website conversion optimization. After all, no one can take action to fill out a form or request an estimate on your website if your website never shows up in search results.

Google isn’t the only place for SEO tools that help track and boost conversions. Using plugins goes a long way, too. We suggest loading and fully configuring the SEOmatic plugin when preparing to launch your website. Plugins like SEOmatic and Yoast can help you monitor your optimization as you add content for your painting company website, and can show you which posts are likely to perform well. Of course, no plugin can replace the insights of your marketing team, and you’ll need to be sure you update all plugins you install regularly.

Along with plugins and Google tools, you’ll want to include a working sitemap and robots.txt. These help your site be crawled and read by Google bots and other search engines so your content is more readily displayed in relevant user search results.

Pro Tip: Not sure whether Google Analytics is loaded? You can find it in your website source code.

Don’t Lose Potential Customers

Taking steps to improve website usability before a launch keeps you from losing potential customers. Instead of asking “how do I think this looks?”, make your website design and layout decisions based on how user-friendly they are. Focus on making conversions easier whenever you decide to make website changes.

One of the best ways to keep leads from falling through the cracks is to load old website URLs as 301 redirects. This way, if someone uses the old estimate request link in their browser, they’ll still see the new contact page from the website you just launched.

Pro Tip: Testing your website after launch is one of the best ways to keep your conversion rates up. Test on-site email addresses and forms, and make sure all pages and links are loading properly.

Launch a Secure Website

An SSL Certificate isn’t just a good idea any more, it’s a necessity if you don’t want to see a drop in website conversions. Adding an SSL to your new site means painting customers can trust your web pages are secure and encrypted, and they won’t get any warning messages about your website being a security risk.

Pro Tip: Along with purchasing an SSL, be sure your webmaster forces all visits to https.

You don’t have to wonder whether your website launch will be a success. We’ve helped top painting countries improve their lead strategy by ensuring their website converts visitors into customers. Don’t launch your painting business website without support. Contact SearchPrimer to get your questions answered before your site goes live.