Alli Hurwitz is the newest member of the GoEpps team, but she is already using her unique blend of experience and education to create exciting results for our clients.

Education & Work Experience

Before working with GoEpps, Alli earned a degree in Language, Writing & Rhetoric. After college, she joined an alternative newspaper as the editor, gaining experience and skills that she continues to use today. She also earned a Masters in Teaching before working as a Language Arts teacher for students in sixth, seventh, ninth, and tenth grades. While teaching, she learned how to most effectively coach writers to produce the best work. Today, she continues to use this experience to encourage her team of writers to provide content of the highest quality. Alli also spent time working in marketing and advertising, which involved working with vendors who provided digital marketing services. This job has given her a unique perspective in her work at GoEpps, allowing her to understand the client’s needs and point of view on a personal level.

Work & Values

As the Senior Editor, she is the last line of defense for every piece of content we send to our clients. From blogs to infographics to ebooks, Alli takes a look at them all. While she checks each sentence for errors, she’s also ensuring that the content reflects the client’s tone and style. Everything we create can affect our clients and their success, so Alli works to make sure each deliverable matches the brand vision and message the client wants to portray.

GoEpps works with a large number of clients in different industries, so she enjoys a workload that offers a wide variety of content. As she moves from creating editorial schedules to coaching writers to produce their best work, she makes the client’s satisfaction her top priority. Alli works closely with each client to understand their goals, brand, and expectations. By actively requesting client feedback, she learns what is or isn’t working. This refinement then leads to better results across the board, consistently providing the highest quality content.

Fun Facts & Personal Preferences

Outside of work, Alli likes to stay busy doing what she loves. She enjoys being outside and often takes hikes with her dog, Scout, to fully appreciate nature. She’s also been obsessed with hot yoga since earning her instructor certification in 2010. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she especially enjoys trying something new. If she’s not getting her hands into a new hobby or experience, you can often find her working in her garden, where she enjoys growing fresh vegetables, or cooking and baking in the kitchen.

For Alli, she most appreciates the variety her work offers. Every day is different, a dynamic challenge that keeps things interesting and exciting. Even as she works with different topics and clients, however, she is dedicated to looking out for each client’s best interests. She uses her high attention to detail to keep clients satisfied with the direction and quality of everything GoEpps produces. She believes in the importance of providing first-time deliverables that support the brand, hit every goal, and are completely error-free – every single time.