Your painting business website may have a great design, but if you’re not getting website conversions, your valuable marketing dollars are being wasted. In this series, we’ll tackle best practices to increase conversions with practical advice you can implement today.


Conversions happen when users take actions on your website. Most painters want to see action in these key areas on their website:

  • Call Us
  • Contact Us
  • Request an Estimate

So how do you bump up those clicks? How do you convert someone from a site visitor to a lead?

Tell People What to Do

If you want people to take direct action, your calls to action should be direct. You can do this in a clear and authoritative way without being pushy or overly salesy.


The simplest way to do this is to make sure your web copy is clear and to the point.


When you alert customers to a problem, present your services as the solution, and immediately give them an opportunity to solve the problem (using a button or an estimate form), you’ve created a clear path to conversion that’s easy for site visitors to follow.


For example:


Most people have mold and moisture hiding behind their paint job. Don’t wait for moisture damage to wreak havoc. Call Bob’s Painting for an inspection today.


Copy like this, followed immediately by a button that says Schedule My Inspection, will get results faster than 5 uninterrupted paragraphs about the dangers of mold.

Make Contact Easy

It’s one thing to put an estimate form on your contact page, but if your most important calls to action are fixtures throughout your website, people will contact you for a painting estimate more readily. We make sure to place our clients’ Call Us buttons and estimate forms strategically:

      • In the header: Top-right placement, in a contrasting color, draws attention to it right away
      • Above the fold: People should never have to scroll down on their mobile or desktop to schedule an estimate. Your estimate request form should be one of the first things people see when the page loads.
      • On service pages: Any page that does a deep-dive into one of your painting services should make it easy for people interested in that service to request an estimate. You can do this effectively with a sidebar that includes a form on each service page.

Consider Chat

Live chat has gained a lot of traction recently, and we understand why. It’s a great way to start the conversation with potential clients and customers using a familiar format without being intrusive. Live chat gives great insights because people ask specific questions, which you answer directly. It makes interacting online more personal, and tells you exactly what your target audience wants to know.


Once you set up your chat, keep an eye on your chat analytics. What are people asking for? Is your website delivering answers that makes it that much easier and faster for them to get the information they need to do business with you?


Don’t forget to include a picture and name of one of your team members in your chat setup. People want to talk with a professional painter, not a robot.

Know Where You Stand

Improving conversions becomes more feasible when you know how many conversions you’re getting. If you’re not sure how your site is performing, SearchPrimer is here to help. We offer a complimentary website audit so you know where your site can improve, and what’s working well for your clients and customers. Request your audit today.