We’ve been covering SEO best practices for painters in our series, so you know how important quality content is. And you know that if you don’t have that content on a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use website, you’re losing leads. But there’s another big piece to the SEO puzzle.


Off-site SEO refers to anything you do away from your website to get people to end up there researching and purchasing products and services. It’s more than good marketing, it’s essential to building credibility and getting more satisfied customers for your painting business. Here are three ways you can improve off-site SEO.


Solid off-site optimization means credibility for your business. If you’ve got a presence somewhere other than your own website, it means customers, other painting and trades professionals, and Google will take you more seriously. One of the best ways you can do that is through connecting and collaborating with like-minded professionals you respect.


Maybe you’re a painting business who teams up with a moving company. Both of you can benefit from a partnership, without selling competing products or services. What makes a partnership good for off-site SEO?


  • Linking to other credible websites makes your website more credible.
  • You’re introduced to a new pool of potential leads and project opportunities.
  • You build brand recognition by having your logo, company name, and services shared on more websites and online platforms

Partnership could mean simple cross-promotion (sharing logos on your website, guest blogging, doing a video or podcast series), or you could set up an affiliate marketing campaign and use lead tracking to determine how many leads you’re generating in real time from this relationship. Your marketing team can help you plan your options according to your budget, timeline, and marketing goals.


Another strategy for linking up with businesses you respect is to highlight membership in professional associations and guilds. You could feature a nonprofit your team regular does painting projects with, and share about trainings, conferences, and trade shows. Seeing collaboration that leads to a job well done makes a good impression on customers, and Google knows your content is valuable if it’s linked to lots of other reputable sites.


Having an online presence beyond your website isn’t just good for brand identity, it boosts your off-site SEO. You can engage in a number of ways, but it has to be a two-way street. Sure, it’s great to make and share YouTube videos with tips, tricks, and project ideas. But if you never respond to comments and questions, that hurts your off-site reputation, and doesn’t help your overall search engine rankings.


There are billions of websites out there,  but you don’t need profiles on all of them, Go where your ideal customers go. Whether it’s how-to forums, compliance FAQs, LinkedIn, or Quora, find out where your target audience is asking questions and answer them. Be sure to post regularly to the top one or two most valuable platforms for your business. Avoid making a sales pitch. But link to your website in your signature. That links you to valuable content throughout the internet, and gets your customers the answers they need without having to do a Google search or comb through your website. It’s a win-win situation.


Reviews are one of the most valuable pieces of content you can get, and they’re great for off-site SEO. If you have lots of good reviews, search engines know your website is valuable, and your work is credible. If you use sites like Angie’s List or Home Advisor, make sure you’re tracking those reviews, and don’t forget to engage with customer feedback. Above all, keep your Google My Business up to date, and be proactive with managing and sharing your reviews across your platforms.


When you combine on-page tactics and off-site techniques with tracking the near-constant Google algorithm changes, SEO can seem daunting, but taking small steps in each of these areas is going to bring more qualified leads to your site from across the web and help you grow your painting business.


If you are ready to level up your SEO, be sure you develop a smart approach that doesn’t waste time or money. SearchPrimer specializes in SEO for painters. We can give you a road map to SEO success for painting and the trades. Request a free website audit today to see how you can get ahead of your competition.