Websites can be extremely effective lead generation tools for businesses of all sorts, including your painting company. As you optimize your site to supply a steady stream of leads, keep in mind these tips on how to generate painting leads online.

4 Lead Generation Tips For Painters

Despite what it may seem, lead generation for painters doesn’t have to be complicated. Examine four elements of the All American Painting Plus website, which you can imitate to get more leads for your painting company.  


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1. Showcase your services with visuals. Of course, explanations of your services are necessary. In fact, they can even be very persuasive at times. Yet, you shouldn’t rely solely on service descriptions to drive leads. Why? Humans are primarily visual creatures; sight has much to do with the decisions we make. Therefore, what potential leads see, in terms of visuals, can be more impactful than what they read alone. Use this to your advantage by showing what you do and your standards for quality through imagery. You might be surprised at how persuasive this can be!


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2. Include sufficient text for proper indexing. To gain potential leads through your website, those individuals must be able to find your site online. How can you achieve and maintain good visibility? For a site to be indexed fairly, web crawlers must be sure of its subject matter. To help them determine what each page is about, therefore, you should include enough relevant content on each page. What is enough? As a general rule, you should have at least 300 words of, again, relevant text on each page.  


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3. Use credentials to build trust. Have you won any industry awards? Do you have any accreditations or certifications? Are you a partner of a well-known company or organization? Have you worked with high-profile clients? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, make that known on your website. Showcasing such credentials can add to your credibility, build trust, and convert site visitors to leads.


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4. Show the areas you currently serve. When people see that you’re already serving others in their area, the potential for conversions rises. Why? Not only are you available to them, but you’re already a trusted provider in the area. In other words, you have convenience and credibility on your side. To really increase your appeal, though, remember that a visual representation of your service areas can be more powerful than simply listing them off. The same principle discussed in #1 applies here.


These four tips, along with those from part one of this series, can result in more residential and commercial painting leads for you. You’d be wise to put them to work right away and to stay tuned for part three, which will contain more tips and examples from the All American Painting Plus website.

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