Homeowners and businesses depend on reliable painters to maintain their property. Because of this, painters can always find work, but they’re surrounded by stiff competition. Direct mail marketing campaigns and advertisements are still essential for painting companies to reach new leads. However, your brand also needs a strong online presence to stand out and become the go-to contractor for customers in your area. The best way to do this is by leveraging the algorithms of search engine platforms like Google, a tactic known as search engine optimization (SEO).


Painting companies can particularly benefit from local SEO services, since their main customer base and competition will be in the same region. But a strong local SEO strategy is made up of multiple components, including outbound and inbound linking, website development, content creation, and more. Here are some ways to use local SEO to generate more qualified leads for your painting business.

1. Create Content Consistently

Having good content on your website serves two important functions for your brand’s online presence. First, new pages of content can help boost your site’s ranking on Google searches. And second, well-written, relevant content encourages potential customers to trust your brand and potentially share your content on social media.


You should aim to produce new pages of content for your website on a regular basis (about one per week). These may be blog posts, service pages, news stories, or topics of interest to your target audience (locally relevant). All new content should ideally be at least 500 words long, which will allow them to be indexed by search engines.


To make your content more readable and shareable, break up these pages with subheaders, too. And answer questions or problems that your audience is trying to solve, such as, “What to ask when getting a painting quote?” or, “How long does it take to paint my home’s interior?”

2. Make Sure Your Site Works

It might sound obvious, but your site’s functionality is crucial to getting more leads online. If your site is too slow, filled with malicious content, or isn’t working at all, users will quickly look elsewhere. You can run a Google Page Speed test to easily see how efficient your pages are. If you need more help than this, consider hiring a webmaster to identify and address problems regularly so you never have to worry about it.

3. Improve Your Site’s Navigation

Not only should your site always work properly, but it should be as easy to use as possible. Consumers don’t want to waste their time navigating a cluttered website. They are most likely looking for useful information such as your contact information, which should be clear and present on your homepage (header and footer), as well as on every page. Make sure to add links to relevant items as well. For instance, make sure your phone number is clickable. This will help users easily give you a call, and allow search engines to deliver this information upon request.

Team Up with SEO Experts

SEO marketing and development are necessary for all painting companies, but they can be tricky to figure out on your own. Fortunately, the search engine optimization experts at SearchPrimer can help you navigate these waters every step of the way. Whether you need content creation solutions, website development, mobile optimization, or social media outreach, our team can help bring your brand to the right leads.