The SearchPrimer podcast Grow Your Painting Business explores how SEO and digital marketing can generate more residential and commercial painting leads for painting companies like yours. If you have yet to check out the podcast, here are a few things you should know brought to you by Michael Epps Utley of SearchPrimer.


What your inspiration for starting this podcast?

Although based in Nashville, TN, SearchPrimer provides digital marketing services to painting companies all over the United States. One common thread we’ve noticed is that many of our clients have questions about how search engine optimization (SEO) works. They don’t just want us to handle this aspect of their businesses. They want to know what we’re doing, why, how, and with what results.


Similarly, we don’t want or expect anyone to “just trust us”. We love to help people understand what’s involved in search engine optimization and other digital marketing tactics, and why we do what we do. The podcast is the vehicle we’re using to accomplish that.


Grow Your Painting Business Podcast - SearchPrimer Nashville, TN Lead Generation For Painters

What audience does the podcast appeal to?

Of course, it was created with our clients in mind. However, it’s also an excellent resource for painting companies who don’t work with us. Grow Your Painting Business is not a sales pitch directed at those companies. We want to see all businesses thrive and this is how we’re helping to make it happen!


It’s not uncommon for business owners to want to try marketing themselves, or even to entrust it to a family member. So we discuss various SEO and digital marketing topics in-depth, making it easier to DIY and generate more residential and commercial painting leads.


What’s the format of Grow Your Painting Business and how do you think it’s beneficial?

It’s in a conversational question and answer format, which makes the information easy to digest. Each episode is also broken up into subtopics. The first four episodes, which focus on best practices for search engine optimization, are a prime example.


For example, part one first discusses the importance of keyword research, then content, next, using your top keyword in the page title, then in the first paragraph of your copy. Part two focuses on several more best practices—various aspects of images, keyword-rich links between pages, meta descriptions, and so on. Parts three and four are structures in the same way, which is helpful for making notes on the key points.


Is the podcast interactive, giving an opportunity for listeners to ask their questions?

The topics we’ve planned to talk about will really dig into the nuts and bolts of lead generation for painters. But we don’t always want to serve up a pre-selected menu of topics.


To make the podcast as valuable as possible to you, we invite you to contact us any questions you have! Is there a certain aspect of digital marketing that you don’t understand or would like to improve in? Drop us a line at Your question just might be the topic of an upcoming podcast that’d help you and fellow listeners. In the meantime, why not catch up on past episodes?