Social media and web hosting platforms have fundamentally changed the relationship between business and consumer. In the past, if you ran a painting business, you had to rely on newspaper ads, billboards, direct mail, and word-of-mouth to reach your customers. Even then, your space to communicate was limited. You could list your address, number, and hours of operation, but little else.


Today, aside from budgetary concerns, there’s no real limit to the amount of content you can produce. The internet gives you so many ways to not only reach new customers, but to fill them in on who you are and what you do in great detail. From blog posts to promotional videos to infographics, your content should be a strong reflection of your brand.


But how much content should you produce? What should it look like? And why does it matter?


What is the Right Amount of Content?


When forming a digital marketing strategy, it’s reasonable to wonder how much content output is optimal. In most cases, the more content you can produce, the better, as long as it’s high-quality and unique. Putting out too much at once, however, can become repetitive and dry up the creative well pretty quickly.


At SearchPrimer, we provide our clients with six fresh blog posts per month. These posts are written with both quality and search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, which will help potential customers find your business in local search inquiries. We also create new, exclusive content for your website outside of these blogs to vary the types of posts you put out. In developing these assets for your website, we focus on the key areas of quality content and website development.


How to Produce Good, Effective Content


Of course, the amount or type of content you post doesn’t matter that much if it’s of poor quality or fails to connect with your audience. Online video marketing is different than text-based content, but it should all be of a similar standard. Generally speaking, there are five requirements all of your content should meet, whether it’s in text, image, or video format. Your content should be:


  1. Useful – it should meet some need that your customers already have. Perhaps they have a question about exterior painting costs or interior color choices. Make content that addresses common concerns and questions. This will draw more people to your site and business.


  1. Valuable – it should give them something they can’t get anywhere else. What makes your company unique? Emphasize all of the great things you do on a regular basis and share it with your audience. The content itself can be entertaining and enticing, too.


  1. Credible – you must come from a perspective of authority and competence in what you publish. Customers are looking to hire services with knowledge and experience. Make sure your content is clear enough for the layperson to grasp, but detailed enough so consumers can tell that you know the ins and outs of your industry.


  1. High-quality – this is no time to get sloppy. Even with a blog, you want to have clear, coherent ideas surrounding your offers. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience, either. Most people know when the content they’re reading, watching, or hearing has some real thought and care behind it, and when it’s phoned in.


  1. Engaging – make an impression on your potential customer. We’ve all read dry blog posts and watched by-the-numbers videos before. Go the extra mile and add your unique voice to the content you produce. Be relatable and encourage conversation on your social media profiles and web pages. More engagement means more outreach, better SEO, and ultimately, more customers.


Great Content Matters


Great content is becoming the most valuable currency in every modern business’ brand strategy. It shows potential customers that you know your industry and care about your work; It gives them a better idea of what you can do and why you do it; And it provides them with useful and valuable information on your company and the industry as a whole. Not to mention that great content also helps boost your ranking in search engine algorithms.


No matter how you slice it, you need good content. Let the experts at SearchPrimer help you optimize your online outreach with a powerful content strategy. To learn more about is, call us today at 888-340-6731 or send an email to