Having a search engine optimization strategy is vital if you want your painting company website to be visible online and to generate new painting leads. But must you optimize it to rank well on all of the popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, and others?

Count the Cost of Search Engine Optimization

To answer that question, it’s important that you consider what’s involved in SEO for painters. A single search engine optimization strategy can include numerous practices including keyword research, content creation, website and link structure analysis, paid advertising, link building, schema markup, and the list goes on. Although the end goal of each of these practices is to boost your site’s rankings in search, increase traffic, and so on, they all serve different functions. Thus, they are all very important components of a strategy.


If a single SEO strategy, developed for one search engine, encompasses all of that, imagine what developing strategies for several search engines entails! Not only do you have to implement these various optimization methods, but you also have to test how effective they are and make strategy changes accordingly. Clearly, search engine optimization is a complex process that requires a significant investment of time and energy.


How should this knowledge affect your focus? It should spur you to look for the one search engine that will yield the greatest return on investment if you optimize your painting company website primarily for it. Instead of spreading yourself too thin and taking on too much at once, master one search engine first. But which one?

Google Should Be at the Center of Your SEO Strategy

You don’t have to look far to find the most worthwhile search engine. Google currently owns nearly 90% of search engine market share worldwide and has dominated its field pretty much from the start. It is, by a long shot, the most popular search engine. As a result, it can enable you to reach the majority of your target audience possible and turn those individuals into new painting leads for your business.


But does this mean that you should focus on Google exclusively and dismiss all other search engines? Not at all! Millions of people do use Bing, Yahoo, Aol.com, Ask.com, DuckDuckGo, and their counterparts so you also want to develop a presence there. However, it’s the timing that’s the issue.


You should hold off on SEO strategies for other search engines until you’ve solidly established your presence in Google’s relevant search results. It’s better to be highly visible there and not as visible on less powerful search engines than to have very little presence overall. So make sure your optimization efforts for Google are consistently meeting your expectations before shifting your focus.

SEO Assistance is Available

Understandably, though, you might be thinking, “Never mind which search engine is best. I don’t know how to develop or execute an SEO strategy at all.” If that’s the case, we invite you to reach out to us. Developing and carrying out effective search engine optimization strategies is what we do and we’d be glad to assist you!